Hi, I'm Matt. I'm a 37 year old code jockey by day and a long term wannabe game developer by night. My day-to-day work involves mostly C# and Android development while my game work primarily focuses around Java, Kotlin and libGDX. Sometimes I stream game development over on Twitch.
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passport - Android View Validation Library Star

A Kotlin-based Android view validation library with a simple DSL.

Kappatron - Twitch Chat Bot Star

A Kotlin Twitch chat bot.

TwoDee - Kotlin Feature library for libGDX Star

A Kotlin feature library built overtop libGDX for my common uses.

Ludum Dare

Nemesis - Ludum Dare 30 Entry

Colosseum Brawl - Ludum Dare 31 Entry

Roto - Ludum Dare 34 Entry

Abacus Fighter - Ludum Dare 36 Entry

SpaceHorde - MOONMOON_OW 2019 Game Jam